The Semien Mountains National Park

Mt. Ras Dejen Established in 1969 and made a UNESCO World Heritage Site nine years later , the 220km sq Semein Mountains National Park protects the western part of the eponymous mountain range , a serious of incised plateau characterized by sheer 1,000m-high cliffs and rugged pinnacles and buttresses.

The range includes at least a dozen peaks that top the 4,000m mark, among them the 4,620m Ras Dashen ,which is the fourth–highest mountain in Africa.Situated about 100km north of Gonder and best assessed from the small town of Debark, the park is best known for stupendous scenery lauded Rosita Forbes as ‘the most marvelous of all Abyssinian landscapes’, but it is also the most important stronghold for the endemic Gelada Baboon,Walia Ibex and Abyssinian Wolf, as well as hosting one the world’s densest populations of the spectacular bearded vulture(wammergeyer), which is frequently seen at close range at the campsites.