The Stelae of Axum

Axum ObelsikTruly; Aksum was ahead of its time. Unlike many other state of the time, Aksumites knew how to tame animals, cultivate cereals, mint coins and curve extraordinary obelisks which are unknown to human kind.They accepted Christianity early, developed their unique Alphabet and created a peculiar system of composing and chanting religious hymns. Indeed, Aksum was the most inventive state of its time, shaped and reshaped by profound faith, sophisticated administration, boundless prosperity and artistic and engineering brilliance. In terms of its sanctity as well as greatness of its empire, Aksum is like Jerusalem and Rome combined .In essence, Aksum is faith, holiness, history and tranquility all wrapped in one.

Presently, Aksum houses seven giant stealea, some of them are fallen. One of the obelisks was taken to Rome where it was installed for many years. And it has been returned to Ethiopia and re-erected on its original place in Axum. The ruins of the Queen of Sheba’s palace, as well as the Ark of the Covenant are found in Axum. These days Axum is considered as one the holiest destinations of many Christian pilgrimages.